Lakers new aid Alex - Caruso recently accepted the Lakers reporter Ryan Ward's interview, talked about his Thunder players Russell - Westbrook's view.

"Russell - Westbrook is too strong.He has ten thousand kinds of blasting your way, I respect him very much," Caruso said.

Caruso in the 2016 draft unfortunately unsuccessful, after the summer league to participate in the Thunder training camp, and ultimately joined the thunder of the subordinate team. This year, he and the Lakers signed a two-year two-way contract.

When talking about his teammate Ronzo Bauer's view, Caruso said: "Bauer looks fantastic." Then he said Bauer was sometimes cautious, but also expected.

Caruso played well in the last game (visit LOLGA ) against the Jazz, averaging 4 points and 6 rebounds and 10 assists in 31 minutes.