If Dalton hadn't befuddled that touchdown canyon adjoin the Ravens, the Titans would be arena the Jaguars this anniversary and there's a 60 percent adventitious I would've best them to Madden 18 Coins win because the Jaguars are in actuality the alone aggregation in the postseason that I anticipate the Titans can beat, which is adequate account for the Chiefs because they're not the Jaguars.

If you're like a lot of of America and didn't pay abundant absorption to the Titans this season, let me accord you a quick refresher: They didn't accept a 1,000-yard rusher, their quarterback threw added interceptions than touchdowns and they about absent to the Browns. Also, their canyon aegis is horrible, they went 3-5 on the alley and I'm appealing abiding they're the alone playoff aggregation that's cerebration about battlefront their coach.

I'm still not abiding what in actuality I witnessed over the weekend, but I anticipate I watched Andy Dalton allowance a aggregation get to the playoffs, which is crazy because usually if you use the words "Dalton" and "playoffs" in the aforementioned sentence, it's because the Bengals accept absent again.